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Why Choose Blue Limestone Tiles From China?

December 29, 2019

The natural blue limestone can be cut in rich and various shapes.In addition, with the world business developing, the more and more peoples has know this material is very well. With many years develop, this limestone materials and products has export to around the world.Especially, our factory with big advantages in produce Blue Limestone Tiles. Why so many peoples buy this product from China?

At first, this type of limestone material origin from north of China. In general, we export it from Qingdao port. Indeed, the Qingdao port is a very big sea port, that with almost all famous shipping company and can export cargo to around the world.In addition, the most shipping company with competitive shipping cost too. Compare with Vietnam Blue Limestone, the Chinese Blue Limestone not just with cheaper price,but also with very good surface and quality. As we know,there with a lots of famous stone projects has used this material too.

Just as word said, the Blue Limestone Tiles with some special feature too. We know that this type product often in cut to size tiles. In addition, the surface with polish,honed, flamed, brushed and other surfaces,etc. As our company workers team with rich experience and our factory with high tech cutting machine, and polishing machine, that always can make sure the tiles quality performance. In general, the popular size in 30/30cm,30/60cm,60/60cm, and other popular cut to shape.

At the daily life, we often use Blue Limestone Tiles for wide use. For example, like as wall cladding tiles, blue limestone steps,blue limestone paving stone,and flooring tiles,etc. The products popular thickness in various like as 2cm,3cm,etc. The workers know Blue Limestone Tiles very well. They know how to cut that can make sure the quality is good, and how to treat that make surface with perfect show. With so many years experience, we know the various demand and request from different country. In addition, the products packages often with carton inside and outside with wooden box,that with fumigated treatment.

After we introduced as above, our company with big advantages in supply Blue Limestone Tiles product. At the same time, there also with our company s service,that includes after sales service and make sure the products quality are perfect to customer demand. Of course, the other blue limestone factories also with similar advantages too that from China. The customers can buy it from China and that can make your buildings with perfect performance.

With the local environment check, the Blue Limestone Quarry is normal and stable now. Then the customers do not need to worry the supply and delivery time. In addition, the factory also with big quantity blocks that for produce Blue Limestone Tiles products. Welcome customers contact with us.

Brushed Blue Limestone Facade

Brushed Blue Limestone Facade




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