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Where Is Better To Use Blue Limestone?

June 11, 2019

The blue limestone always in rich application. Whatever we use it to indoor and outdoor use. For example, we can use it to produce table top, kitchen countertop,and sink,etc. In addition, the outdoor paving stone and wall facade tiles also is great job too.

The question is coming, what type of project is suitable to use this material? In general, we know it is can used for indoor and outdoor both. At first, we want to say something about raw material. Meanwhile, we can know more detailed. This material quarry from north of China. it belongs to a very good quality limestone material. The density is 2.7g/cm3. In addition, the products use around the world now.

If we use it for outdoor, that product always with long time use. In addition, it is also with very stable physical performance too. The important is that also with cheap price, that can make the big projects save a lot of money too. Secondly, if we use it to indoor, then the finished products also in good quality, just we know this kind of product just with grey or light blue color. Of course, if customer like to use it,that also is great  job too.

Blue Limestone

Blue Limestone

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