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What Is Problems Of Blue Limestone Tiles From China?

August 24, 2019

The blue limestone tiles with widely application, and it is has export to around the world. A the daily life, our company has produced various size and surface of it. In addition, every type of blue limestone tiles with very good quality and get positive feedback from customer.Is that means there without any problems of this material and product? The answer is of course not.

In fact, we know that the blue limestone is an natural stone material. This type of product quarry from Shandong,China. Obviously,this material with dark blue color,and it is has used for most popular stone projects too. In general, this product often done as outdoor paving stone, wall cladding tiles and other indoor application use. That means this material with very wide use.

As a good natural stone, that not means it is without any problems. At the daily life, our factory also often meet some problems of this product. For example, for the new blue limestone material, there often with some small white lines, brown lines and spots. Our company will cut it avoid and make sure the finished products without those problems. In addition, this material raw stone blocks cost is higher a lot than before. As the environment check,make this problems is more important too.

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Asia Blue Limestone Paving Tiles

Asia Blue Limestone Paving Tiles

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