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What Is Blue Limestone Tiles Delivery Time

December 4, 2019

The Blue Limestone Tiles as most popular half finished stone product, that with big range use. At the daily life, we can see this kind of products at a lot of projects. For example, some buildings outdoor facade with blue limestone tiles cladding cover. In addition, there with some plaza paving stone that with blue limestone tiles for paves,etc. This product is so popular and as a most professional Blue Limestone Exporter from China, we want to list some info about Blue Limestone Tiles delivery time for customers understand.

The Chinese Blue Limestone origin from Jiaxiang,Shandong, that material with very good surface and colors. In addition, it is also with great physical performance too. That with great performance than popular other countries materials. That is why this material and product is so popular in market. In general, the Blue Limestone tiles size often cut in 30/60cm,60/60cm, 120/60cm,and other popular size list. When we talk about the products delivery time, that always should be know the surface request. As the different surface with various production time,even there just a very small difference. For example, the flamed brushed and bush hammered ,sandblast blue limestone tiles production time is a little slow than polish and honed surface.

Generally speaking, the Blue Limestone Tiles production time is about 10-15 days for 1 container. Of course, if customers place order with big quantity together, such as some blue limestone tiles projects, that quantity is more than 20,30 containers together, then our company delivery time is about 1 week can supply 4 containers.

Blue Limestone Tiles

Blue Limestone Tiles

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