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Is Fast Delivery Time For Blue Limestone Products?

May 22, 2019

Generally speaking, our company always do our best to finish projects with fast delivery time. Meanwhile, we also guarantee the product quality too. The blue limestone products in many shapes, that also with the not the same surface, size too. If we want to confirm the general delivery time, that also depends on more detailed.

For example, if we do cut to size tiles, then the product’s cutting is soon. In general, the 1 day can finish about 200m2 or 300m2. If the products are a stone windowsill, then the product with a little more days. Of course, such as limestone carvings or garden products also is depends on products detailed too.

We know this material quarry located in Shandong, China. It is about 300kms from Qingdao port. It is not a long distance in China. In general, it is about a few hours can send cargo to the port too. In addition, our company workers with rich experience in cutting and packing both too. If any customers with demand, welcome contact with us. This product always with after sold service too. For example, if our cargo has any problems that like break or lines, we always can compensate in free in 3 months.

blue limestone delivery time

blue limestone delivery time

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