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How Many Type Of Blue Limestone Tile Outdoor?

August 4, 2019

At the market, the most natural stone business peoples know the blue limestone tile outdoor product. That not just as this material with famous name in market, but as it is also with wide application and very stable quality too. Indeed, this blue limestone belongs to Chinese high quality natural stone.

Generally speaking, we know that blue limestone tile is most popular product shape. There with cut to size tiles in different thickness and surface too. For example, the popular type in polish,honed,and flamed,etc. In addition, there also with sandblast and brushed,etc. As it is often can done outdoor stone tiles product,but also can used for indoor too. How many type of blue limestone tile outdoor?

In fact, the blue limestone tile can do almost all types popular products. For instance, the tiles in rectangle shape, triangle, and square, round,etc. Those products always cut depends on the projects demand and request too. Of course, the most popular shape is rectangle such as 30/60cm,40/80cm, etc. In addition, the square shape like as 30/30cm,60/60cm also is very popular too.

As a professional blue limestone factory and manufactuer from China.Our company always can produce those kinds of products depends on the customers request.After that, we also with after sold service too.That also can make sure that customers always get high quality blue limestone products too.

blue limestone tile outdoor

blue limestone tile outdoor

blue limestone tile outdoor

blue limestone tile outdoor

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