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How About Blue Limestone Mailbox Price?

August 12, 2019

As a leading blue limestone manufacturer from China, our factory always always can produce high quality products too. In general, the popular blue limestone products includes tiles, slabs, and paving stone,facade cladding tiles and blue limestone mailbox. How about this products price?

In general,the blue limestone mailbox can be done in rich styles.For example, the popular shape in rectangle, round pedestal and other popular shapes. At the same time, the products can done in rich surface too. We know that the popular surface in honed, polish and other surface types.Of course, the customers also can choose original blue limestone material or new blue limestone material both.

The blue limestone mailbox price in various depends on size and surface. In general, this type of product often export to European market.Especially like as France, Belgium and UK,etc. Our company with big advantages in price and quality control of blue limestone mailbox. The products popular size in 100cm to 150cm,etc. Generally speaking, the products packages in wooden box and fumigated treatment.


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