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    Blue Limestone Tiles ,

    The Honed blue limestone with very good surface treat. Our company can cut it as customer demand. By the way, the product with good packages too.

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    The Honed Blue Limestone Tile is a good surface product. Meanwhile, it is also can do in other surfaces too. We know the popular honed surface in 500 or 800 grid treat. That also can use for wide application.

    Generally speaking, this product often uses to wall cladding or flooring tile. At the same time, it is can do in many various sizes. The popular in 30/30cm,30/60cm,60/60cm,etc.

    Honed Blue Limestone Tile

    Honed Blue Limestone Tile

    Honed Blue Limestone Tile

    Honed Blue Limestone Tile

    The blue limestone tile in light blue color.

    Generally speaking, we always use export wooden box to packing it.

    The product MOQ request is 50m2

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