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Blue Limestone Quarry Introduce

December 17, 2019

The natural blue limestone as a fantastic stone material,that get more and more projects use now. At the daily life, there with hotel wall facade cladding tiles,paving stone projects and wall caps, swimming pool tiles all projects can use this material.Then where is blue limestone quarry located? How about the blue limestone quarry supply?

As a Chinese Blue Limestone manufacturer,Jiaxin Blue Limestone mainly introduce Chinese material. As we know there with various types in the world. Such as from Vietam,Belguim, etc. Indeed, the Chinese Blue Limestone almost become the most popular type and used one in market. As it is with high quality and cheap price.

Chinese Blue Limestone Quarry from Jiaxiang,Jining,Shandong,China. That place is a small town, but that with 2 blue limestone quarries.  The one is origin blue limestone quarry and other is new blue limestone quarry. The both quarries are very close. In addition, the both materials with similar color,but with various price.

The Origin Blue Limestone with darker color and fine surface.The surface also is very clean, there without any brown spots, white shell,etc. The new blue limestone is not clear like as origin one. Of course, the new type with cheaper price too. In fact, with  more peoples use, the new material is almost major role at the market now. As the material quality is stable and can be use for big area projects too.

The Origin Blue Limestone quarry has stop now.There can not supply blocks in normal. But as many blue limestone factories with materials in stock, there also can use it for produce, just the price is high now. In addition, the new blue limestone quarry supply in normal and can do big quantity use at some projects.

Blue Limestone Blocks

Blue Limestone Blocks

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