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Blue Limestone Patio Surface Choose

November 27, 2019

The blue limestone with widely application, it is not just can used to the outdoor paving stone, and wall facade cladding tiles,but there also with blue limestone patio products too. Then there with a new question, what surface is popular for patio paving stone or flooring tiles?

In general, we know that the blue limestone can do almost all types surface. But for the different application, there use various surface types. For example, if we use it for indoor flooring tiles, then can select polish or honed surface. If we use it for swimming pool tiles, the honed and brushed is more popular. What is popular surface for the patio ? In fact, the flamed and flamed brushed is most popular surface types for blue limestone patio. In addition, there also can do in honed surface.

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Blue Limestone Tiles

Blue Limestone Tiles


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