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Blue Limestone Materials Choose

November 23, 2019

The natural blue limestone quarry from north of China. The products with very nice quality and great physical data. When customers do some outdoor patio paving stone, wall capt, or wall stone cladding tiles,then many customers still like to use blue limestone materials. Then as a professional blue limestone manufacturer from China, we have to say, there also with 2 types material of blue limestone too.

At the daily life, we know that blue limestone quarry from Jining,China. Indeed, there also with original blue limestone and new blue limestone materials both. The both materials with high quality,and all can use for indoor and outdoor projects. But is there with any difference, yes, the both materials also with various use and feature too.

The original blue limestone with more dark color, and the material in higher density. The product mainly used for high class buildings projects. Of course, this material also with higher price. The new blue limestone with grey color, but that is very similar looks with original types. In addition, the new type also with cheap price, that also often used for outdoor stone projects.

Have you know how to choose blue limestone now?

Blue Limestone Table Top Export To USA

Blue Limestone Table Top Export To USA

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