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Blue Limestone Maintenance

November 24, 2019

The natural stone as important construction materials, that use in more and more projects. We know the natural stone material with unique style and that always make the buildings looks great and service for very long time. In those so many various types of natural stone, blue limestone play important role too. As a professional blue limestone exporter from China, we want to introduce it with detailed.

With the world trade developing, Jiaxiang Jiaxin has export blue limestone products to around the world. For example, we export blue limestone tiles to Israel,Blue Limestone Table to USA, and Blue Limestone Steps to Canada, Blue Limestone Mailbox and Blue Limestone Wall Caps, Blue Limestone Paving Stone to Belgium and European markets,etc.How to maintenance those blue limestone products?

At first,we know that blue limestone as an natural stone, that often used to outdoor directly. Especially, there also with rich surface types to treatment it. In fact, the peoples do not need to take care it too much every month. That also depends on the materials surface types and application. In general, the polish and honed surface with smoothly surface and the peoples can often use cloth to clean it. The flamed and sandblast blue limestone often done as paving stone, then the workers can clean it by water jet treat every year.

Blue Limestone Table Top Export To USA

Blue Limestone Table Top Export To USA

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