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About The Blue Limestone Slab Surface Color Change

May 27, 2019

When we see the blue limestone slab cargo, there always with few brown or light colors on the surface. For the new buyer, they do not like this happen. But we know this product always with own feature. Meanwhile, this brown spots is it is own feature too. Of course, we can see it on the real slabs, there always just very few on there.

In fact, if the slabs in small half slabs or small size, then this brown spots is few. But when we cut it in very big full slabs, then this color change always with it. We can say with honesty, this is not mateirals defect or problem, just as it is a natural stone that with own feature.

For the regular buyers, they know that this feature always with the high-quality slabs surface too. Welcome inquiry us, if there have any questions.


Blue Limestone Slab

Blue Limestone Slab

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