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About Honed Blue Limestone Application

August 20, 2019

At the daily life, the blue limestone with widely application. In addition, we know there always can done in different surface too. In general, the most popular type in flamed and polish,etc. Of course, there also with other special surface with popular too. Especially the honed blue limestone products more and more popular in market now.

In general, the honed blue limestone also can be cut in many shapes. For example, the product with big slabs, half slabs and cut to size tiles,etc. We can use it to the indoor flooring tiles, wall cladding tiles and table top product. Indeed, the honed surface also in various shapes too. Like as 200#,400#,800#,1000#,2000#,etc. Our factory can produce it depends on the customers request too. Of course, this type of honed degree also should be check the application too. For instance, if used for flooring tiles,then have to with anti slip effect treat.

Our factory with high tech machine for produce honed blue limestone tiles products.You can use it to the most popular and high class buildings projects.

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