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About Blue Limestone Tiles Loading Container

May 16, 2019

At the daily stone business, we always meet various questions from customers. For example, about the blue limestone tiles loading container detailed.Generally speaking, we know that different countries and areas with various request for container weight limited.For instance, some countries request is 19 tons. Some is request 21 tons. Of course,the most areas weight limited is 27 tons for 1 container in 20GP.

At first, we calculate it depends on the most popular 27 tons container. If we want to confirm our blue limestone tiles quantity in 1 container, we have to know products thickness. The popular blue limestone materials density is 2.7g/cm3, that mean 1 container can loading about 10m3.Then detailed loading situation as follows:

1 thickness is 1cm thin thickness, then 1 container can loading 1000m2

2 thickness is 1.5cm,then 1 container loading about 660m2

3 thickness in 2cm,then can 1 container loading 500m2

4 thickness in 3cm,then 1 container can loading 330m2

5 thickness in 4cm, then about 250m2, and if thickness is 5cm, then can loading about 200m2

blue limestone tiles loading

blue limestone tiles loading

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